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Trevor Noah Proves Fox News Is Awful With a Little Help From the Miss Universe Pageant

Steve Harvey asks Catriona Gray a question during the Miss Universe pageant.
Tough questions.
Comedy Central

Sometimes the most effective way to make an argument is to build a collage of primary sources and let the audience do the work of figuring out what point the juxtapositions are making. It’s not laziness—or not just laziness: a viewer is more likely to be convinced by a conclusion reached by reviewing the evidence than one handed to them from on high. It can also be a way of making a secondary point on top of the first one: Whatever you’re trying to say is so obvious it doesn’t require an introduction or explanation, it’s plain on its face. So it doesn’t take too much detective work to suss out what Trevor Noah is up to with this brief collection of clips from the Miss Universe Pageant and Fox News:

This is unimprovable for one good reason and one bad one. The good reason is that it’s not really disputable: Anyone arguing that these clips have been taken out of context in a misleading fashion should be able to build their own montage of Fox hosts asking Trump tough questions. The bad reason is that the second you start talking about what the clips show and what might be done to improve things, you run into a wall of money and power that took decades to build and will take decades to dismantle, which can turn the whole conversation into a nihilistic LOLsob real quick. But you can’t start a good faith search for solutions, however slow or painful, without clearly seeing the problem. And there it is, just as plain as the sash on your shoulder.