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Samantha Bee Tries Out Fox Nation, the Streaming Service That’s Like Fox News But More Expensive

The New York Times may have branded it “Netflix for conservatives,” but Samantha Bee has another name for Fox News’ new venture: Birth of a (Fox) Nation. “It’s like television, Grandpa, but you get it on the smaller screen that you use for writing racism on Facebook,” the late night host quipped as she introduced her audience to the new way to consume conservative news, a $5.99-a-month subscription streaming service that will provide even more content for the network’s loyal viewership.

“What all of their programming has in common is the Fox worldview that this is our country and others are taking it away from us. But if you watch every Fox Nation show—as I forced my staffers to do right before they quit—you’ll find that some of its nauseating ‘resent-ertainment’ is actually fun to watch,” said Bee. She then showed a clip of Jeanine Pirro trying to re-write history to convince viewers that coverage of the Central American migrant caravan couldn’t be racist … because apparently the Civil War ended racism.

Bee then reminded viewers, “Of course, Fox Nation wouldn’t be complete without its newest rising star,” cutting to a clip of Tomi Lahren and her segment “My First Thoughts.”

“Oh my gosh! 26 years old and you’re finally having your first thoughts,” Bee said.

Those first thoughts? Anger at the many jokes that have been made about Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations, specifically the color of her Christmas trees. “Yes, we shouldn’t look down on people for their tree color,” said Bee, mocking Lahren’s track record on racial issues. “That’s what skin color is for.”

Bee ended her segment with a ringing endorsement for Fox Nation, calling it “pure, substance-free propaganda squirted right down your slobber hole.”