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Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart, and More Sing an Anthem to Your Favorite (OK, Second Favorite) Holiday Drink

No comedian’s holiday special would be complete without a parody of star-studded, charity megasingles in the style of “We Are the World” and, of course, the awful, inescapable “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Full Frontal didn’t disappoint, inviting Jon Cryer, Eric Andre, Nico Santos, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Munn, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Van Ness, and more to travel back to 1986 to “Give the Gift of Eggnog.” Of course, host Samantha Bee was on hand, too, to lead the anthem to that enticing combination of eggs, milk, alcohol, and nutmeg.

Even Jon Stewart briefly came out of his semi-retirement too to test out his Bob Dylan impression for the occasion. But despite the glowing lyrics (“From south Sudan to South Detroit, from Marrakech to Prague/It’s clear what the world needs now is nog, sweet nog,”) the song might actually knock eggnog down a few pegs on your list of preferred seasonal holiday drinks. “It’s like swallowing something that you halfway coughed up,” notes Patton Oswalt. Wouldn’t you prefer a nice mulled wine or maybe a hot toddy instead?