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Watch Pixar’s Bao, Which Just Made the Oscar Shortlist

A still from Pixar showing an Asian mother and her adorable dumpling child.
They steam up so fast. Pixar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its 2019 shortlist on Monday, and although the big winner was that weird musical cue from Annihilation, some other films were also recognized. One of those was director Domee Shi’s Bao, the Pixar short that played with Incredibles 2, which was one of ten films to make the shortlist for “Animated Short Film.” To celebrate the news, Pixar opened their bamboo steamer basket (copyright restrictions, droit d’auteur, and so on) to reveal a delicious dumpling (the short film Bao, in digital video form at a variety of resolutions) resting on a leaf of lettuce (, which they’re bringing to the table (unclear what this means) to serve to their whole family (also unclear) while simultaneously using the food (Bao, I guess?) as a way to bankroll paralyzing guilt in their children’s minds to cash in later (it seems like this metaphor is only tangentially about Bao at this point so we’re stopping it here). Slate’s Inkoo Kang was moved to tears by the film’s sensitive and astutely observed portrait of the immigrant experience, and now you can be too, anywhere you have the internet:

Now go buy some tissues, pull yourself together, and call your mom.