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The Late Show Enters the Mind of Mike Pence During That Awkward Oval Office Spat

Mike Pence looks intently at his own hand as Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump talk across him animatedly.
Cue the “Hello darkness, my old friend” jokes. Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Donald Trump had a very public confrontation with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday over funding for the president’s border wall and the looming government shutdown. But it was Mike Pence who stole the show during the photo op gone wrong, as the vice president remained out of the fray and became a blank slate onto which onlookers could project their own feelings about the argument. The Late Show did just that by providing a voiceover imagining what, exactly, Pence was thinking.

“I’m a manila envelope taped to a beige wall,” thinks Pence, before letting his thoughts drift to what he’ll have for dinner. (Boiled potatoes, yum.) And Stephen Colbert’s team wasn’t the only late-night show to get in on the fun: Seth Meyers called Pence’s lack of response a literal “shutdown,” while Jimmy Kimmel Live edited the entire argument into a new, White House-themed installment of The Real Housewives complete with reactions from actual reality show stars.

The Daily Show took to Twitter to say what some of us were surely already thinking.

And you don’t have to be a professional comedian to find the humor in the situation.