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The New Men in Black Movie Trailer Promises Something That Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8 Couldn’t Deliver

Here come the men—and women!—in black, ushering in a new age of galaxy defenders. The first trailer for F. Gary Gray’s Men in Black International has dropped, and while it has all the style and comedy of the original trilogy, it feels fresher than ever. The trailer begins with Tessa Thompson’s Agent M, a longtime MIB fan, joining the organization as a new recruit. Thompson reunites with her Thor: Ragnarok costar, Chris Hemsworth as Agent H, the organization’s star agent. From the looks of it, International will give Hemsworth the opportunity to again showcase his comedic chops, which were celebrated when the Aussie actor appeared as the sexy, dimwitted receptionist, Kevin, in 2016’s all-female reboot of Ghostbusters.


But where Ghostbusters and the more recent Ocean’s 8 put all-female casts in rehashes of male-centric stories, Men in Black International is promising to incorporate women into its franchise in more developed, original roles. International feels like a natural extension of the existing movies, making room for women rather than creating a lukewarm alternative to what has come before. This is not some cordoned-off Women in Black, starring Tessa Thompson as “Girl Will Smith.” Thompson is literally joining an established team that is already strong, while bringing new layers and a new definition to what a MIB agent can be.

She won’t be the only woman in the main cast, either: Emma Thompson reprises her role as Agent O, chief of the MIB organization who originally appeared in Men in Black 3 as the first female agent, fifteen years after the release of the first film. While the franchise has always been racially diverse, with both Thompsons at the forefront, Men in Black International feels long overdue.

“You really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?” Agent O asks in the trailer.

“No, but it looks damn good on you,” says Agent M.