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The Blossoming Hasan Minhaj-Tan France Friendship Faces Its Toughest Challenge Yet

Netflix‘s most entertaining show at the moment isn’t a show at all, but a beautiful, blossoming, and, yes, conveniently publicist-approved real-life friendship. In October, the streaming service paired off two of its stars, Queer Eye’s Tan France and Patriot Act’s Hasan Minhaj, for a makeover video that was both delightful to watch and a nifty little piece of cross-promotion. Minhaj has since said that he’s been dogged with questions about when he’s going to wear the outfit that France chose for him on the show. But in a new Patriot Act clip, the budding bromance faces its toughest challenge yet as Minhaj reveals that he has lost the tiger bomber jacket that France chose for him.

“I checked underneath my couch, I went through the lost and found,” says Minhaj in the emotional video. “I looked in the supply closet. I asked coworkers that I trust, even some that I didn’t. I was so desperate to find that jacket.” Of course, the joke of the video is that the jacket is right in front of Minhaj the whole time, but the real tension comes from wondering whether the Minhaj-France friendship can weather the betrayal. We’ll probably find out eventually, since Patriot Act—and probably Netflix’s publicity department more broadly—seems keen to keep the joke going. And hey, we’re not complaining.