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Jeffrey Wright Guarded “Hippy” Brett Kavanaugh in High School, and “Hippy” Brian Lehrer Claims You Can Be a Mets and Yankees Fan

Catie Lazarus interviews and honors Wright and Lehrer.

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As suicide rate rises among the military, Republicans are slashing government funding for mental health care. So, when members of the military struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder wanted to stage a performance to help cope with PTSD, Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright volunteered to direct them. HBO’s riveting new documentary We Are Not Done Yet chronicles their process and how the military trains artists. The Tony and Emmy winner also shares his love for Jack Daniels and how he guarded Brett Kavanaugh in football.

Plus, Lazarus speaks with Brian Lehrer, the Peabody-winning and duly beloved host of WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, who embodies Lao Tzu’s philosophy that, “The best leaders are those the people hardly know exist.” But is he a Yankee or a Mets fan? Catie Lazarus, with help from Mike Pesca, tests Lehrer’s baseball trivia and his hairy past.

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