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Billy Eichner Tries to Cheer Up New Yorkers by Thrusting Lin-Manuel Miranda at Them

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the mastermind behind a musical sensation and has a major role in Mary Poppins Returns, but all he needs to do to stay humble, apparently, is walk the streets of New York City. Billy Eichner let Miranda tag along for an installment of Billy on the Street in hopes of cheering up random passersby with his presence. And while some were thrilled, or saw a chance to score Hamilton seats—”I apply every day on the stupid app to win tickets and I never do”—plenty of others didn’t recognize Miranda by face or by name, to Eichner’s dismay.

“Did you see Moana?” Eichner asked one pedestrian.

“No, I don’t know what that is,” he responded.

When another woman told Eichner that she doesn’t know who Miranda is, he replied with his characteristic screeching: “It’s like if Pitbull went to Vassar!”