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Everything You Need to Know About the Beyoncé and SZA Music Leaks

Beyonce standing on stage smiling in a long sleeve gold dress and a halo crown.
Beyonce Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Did Beyoncé release new music last night? Was it two new albums? What about SZA? Why can’t I find them anywhere? Here, we attempt to answer as many of these pressing questions about last night’s surprise album drops as we possibly can.

Did Beyoncé and SZA release new albums last night?
No, they did not.

Are we sure?
Yep. We’re sure.

Wait, back up. What happened?
For a short time on Thursday night, the internet was on the verge of another break when it appeared that Queen Bey had dropped not one but two surprise albums. The collection of new tunes included two 10-track projects credited to Queen Carter and were made available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.


New Beyoncé music? Sounds great. What was the problem?


Well, it turns out that the new albums, titled Have Your Way and Back Up weren’t new and that Beyoncé knew nothing about them. They were a collection of old songs and demos.

So Beyoncé didn’t release new music, but SZA dropped a new album last night, right?

Wrong. As much as we’re craving a followup to Ctrl and more collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, it turns out the R&B songstress was hacked as well.

What was the album called? 

The unfinished, leaked album was titled Comethru, and like the fake Beyoncé album, it was credited to another name—this time, Sister Solana.

Can I still listen to the albums?

No. When the powers that be realized the error, the albums were quickly removed.

Have Beyoncé and SZA responded to the leaks?

No word yet from Queen Bey, but SZA took to Instagram to set the record straight, saying, “These are random scratches from 2015. Def not new new! But…creative? And Scary? Lol HEARD U tho… I SWEAR the new is coming.”

Do we know who did this?

The culprit is not known at this time.