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2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Include Radiohead, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks (Again)

Stevie Nicks, wearing a glittering shawl and fingerless gloves, gestures dramatically onstage.
Stevie Nicks.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its 2019 inductees, and the incoming class includes Radiohead, Janet Jackson, and Stevie Nicks, who will be inducted as a solo artist for the first time. Nicks was previously inducted in 1998 as a member of Fleetwood Mac. “For now I will just say, I have been in a band since 1968,” she said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “To be recognized for my solo work makes me take a deep breath and smile. It’s a glorious feeling.”

Jackson, hailed as having “built a career so groundbreaking that she’s immediately identifiable on a first-name basis,” said in her own statement that’s she’s happy to be joining her brothers. The Jackson 5—Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, and Tito—were recognized by the Hall of Fame in 1997, and Michael Jackson was inducted again as a solo artist in 2001.

Artists are eligible to be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after they release their first single or album. The Zombies, also on this year’s list, have been waiting since 1989 for the honor, and have been nominated on three other occasions. Fourth time’s the charm, it seems.

Here is the list of 2019 inductees:
• The Cure
• Def Leppard
• Janet Jackson
• Stevie Nicks
• Radiohead
• Roxy Music
• The Zombies

Nominees who were passed over this year include LL Cool J, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, and Devo. The ceremony for the winners will take place on March 29.