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Trevor Noah: “Maybe Trump Is So Intelligent That He’s Leaving English Behind”

Trevor Noah with a picture of Donald Trump.
Once again, Trevor Noah has put a photo of Manhattan real estate failson Donald Trump next to the presidential seal, presumably as a warning.
Comedy Central

Another day, another record harvest of viral news clips showing the stupidest people in the world doing stupid things that will doom the entire planet. On Wednesday, Trevor Noah collected the latest nonsense from D.C. lawyer Paul Manafort, New York real estate developer Donald Trump, and fashion designer Ivanka Trump:

Despite viral “fake news” reports that these three individuals entered the political world and, indeed, achieved some measure of success there, it is our firm conviction that the American people, in their abiding goodness, would never let people like the ones depicted in this Daily Show segment attain any power at all, much less—as some of the wilder stories have it—allow them to hold government office. Here’s hoping Noah’s tireless work documenting the flaws and foibles of Manhattan’s dumbest crime family keeps the Trumps and their hangers-on right where they are: burning through the last of Fred Trump’s money in a comically-misguided series of doomed Manhattan business ventures.