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Trevor Noah Runs Through Donald Trump’s Busy, Busy Day in Slack-Jawed Amazement

Trevor Noah in front of a photo of President Trump.
Comedy Central.

Late night hosts usually only have to worry about shoveling an Augean Stable-sized pile of new Trump developments on Mondays, but either the president didn’t want people spending too much time talking about his party’s midterm losses or he’s a big cranky baby who needs a nap, because by day’s end, there were a Herculean amount of new developments stinking the place up. After talking about the election for about a minute and a half, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah acknowledged Trump’s ability to change the conversation whenever he wanted to:

When the day started, I honestly thought [the midterm election was] going to be the day’s big story, because now that the Democrats have the House, there are so many questions. You know, what is their plan for working with Trump? Will Nancy Pelosi reprise her role as speaker? Will Bernie Sanders MC my birthday party? You know, questions we all have about the future of the country. So we thought today’s news would be focused on all of that. But then, President Trump stood up and said, “No, no, no: You guys might have taken control of the House, but the news cycle will always be mine.”

What followed was nearly ten minutes of coverage of Trump’s press conference antics and his recent personnel changes. There’s no sense criticizing anyone for letting the president be their assignment editor—these are both enormous, alarming stories that it would be gross negligence not to cover—but it does not feel good to have Trump driving the conversation:

There’s just no keeping up with this guy. The Daily Show taped before the Jim Acosta fiasco, but I’m sure they’ll plan on covering it tomorrow, then end up having to devote the segment to Trump’s surprise nuclear attack on Lichtenstein or whatever. Interesting times!