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Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Trick Ted Cruz Fans Into Chanting Trump’s Demeaning Nickname for Him

Democrats are challenging several key, historically Republican seats this midterm election, including pitting Beto O’Rourke against the incumbent Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz in one of the most energized races in the country. Who better to keep us updated on this contest than the same cigar-loving insult comic dog who stalked then-presidential candidate Cruz on the campaign trail in 2016? The Late Show With Stephen Colbert sent Triumph (and presumably his handler Robert Smigel) to Texas to interview O’Rourke and Cruz supporters and to confront both candidates themselves.

Triumph began at an O’Rourke event where he advised voters to act more white in order to avoid voter suppression, then handed out “I Voted” stickers with more realistic affirmations like, “I’m Pretty Sure I Voted” and “Just Light Enough to Vote.” Next, Triumph directly asked O’Rourke important questions like, “Does it concern you that half your base thinks they can vote for you through Instagram?” and “With the uncertainty surrounding these voting machines, is it now more important than ever for Democrats to get out there and vote twice?” The Democratic candidate advised his supporters to only vote once, because “that’s the law.”

Next, Cruz tried to trade barbs with Triumph after being confronted by him at a rally, but Triumph came out with guns blazing, asking to Cruz’s face, “Ted, is it true you will defend the Constitution at all costs, except when Donald Trump calls it ugly on Twitter?” Oddly, the encounter took place while a member of Cruz’s security detail kept a firm, protective hand on the “chest” of the puppet dog, as though he might attack. But perhaps no moment was stranger than Triumph leading a crowd of Cruz supporters in a chant that devolved from “lion of the Senate” to simply “lion,” which sounds an awful lot like Trump’s insulting nickname for the senator.