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Donald Trump Is Calling for New Elections. Stephen Colbert Has a Suggestion for Where He Can Start.

As the rest of the country deals with the midterm results, Florida is still recounting. On election night, Republican candidates Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, who were running for Senate and Governor respectively, appeared to have won, but the Sunshine State is still tallying the results. Recounters say they’ll have the outcome by Thursday. “It’s like waiting for the results from the doctor,” said The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert. “Mr. Johnson, we have your lab work back and I’m sorry, but you have DeSantis. You’ll need to call your previous partners and let them know.”

Providing no evidence, Trump has said that the remaining ballots are “infected,” and the results “must go with Election Night!” But Colbert counters that, “You can’t just pick the time that was best for you,” adding that the uncounted votes include absentee ballots, which often take days or weeks to tally. Florida, in fact, accepts military and overseas ballots until Nov. 16, which means Trump’s suggestion would ignore military members and Americans living abroad. “You’re not supposed to celebrate Veteran’s Day by taking away their right to vote!” remarked Colbert.

Arizona is also still counting votes where, on election night, it appeared the Senate seat was going to Republican Martha McSally. But Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema is now leading, and McSally has conceded even thought votes are still being counted.. There was a controversy since some of the signatures didn’t match the ballots and, even though the issue was resolved in court, Trump tweeted that, “in Arizona, SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH. Electoral corruption – Call for a new Election?” “Sure,” Colbert responded. “How about 2016?”