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How to Survive a Thanksgiving Conversation With That Uncle Who Keeps Demanding to Watch an Action Movie Trailer Starring a Wax Statue of Jimmy Carter

A bad wax statue of Jimmy Carter, posed to look like he's driving a car.
Buckle up. HBO

Thanksgiving has come around again, and if you’re like most people, that means time with your loved ones, a delicious meal—whether it includes turkey or not—and one of the holiday’s less pleasant traditions: dealing with that uncle who, a few glasses of wine in, inevitably starts loudly demanding to watch a trailer for an action movie starring a wax statue of Jimmy Carter. In years past, it was be a complicated situation to navigate without angering other family members, compromising your own principles, or being forced to carve a crude caricature of the 39th president into a seasonal candle and try to figure out how to use iMovie on a phone. But this year, thanks to John Oliver, Armie Hammer, and a very special guest star, you can just press play on this very page and go back to the mashed potatoes:

We all owe HBO an enormous debt of gratitude for finally resolving this perpetual source of Thanksgiving stress. Now we’ll all have more time to talk politics!