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Jimmy Kimmel Hopes Someone Hid the Nuclear Button After Trump’s Press Conference Tantrum

The 2018 midterm election was an important, if underwhelming, triumph for Democrats, but don’t tell that to Donald Trump, who in a press conference called the results “almost a complete victory for the Republicans.” Despite that professed optimism, the president immediately lashed out at two of his favorite scapegoats: Republicans he deems disloyal, and the press. “He’s an absolute child,” Jimmy Kimmel quipped on Wednesday night. “Did somebody not get his Snickers bar this morning?”

This type of petty, furious grandstanding isn’t new for Trump, but this recent outburst suggests the president understands on some level that his “victory” actually means that the Democrats can impose some checks and balances on his administration. After all, as Kimmel pointed out, his cheerful assessment of Tuesday night’s results wasn’t particularly convincing. “He called the results ‘almost a complete victory for the Republicans’ in the same way the World Series was very close to complete victory for the Dodgers,” said Kimmel. “I mean, other than games 1, 2, 4, and 5, they crushed it.” Let’s hope someone hid the nuclear button.