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Everyone Wants to See Hasan Minhaj Wear the Outfit Tan France Picked Out for Him

On his Netflix show Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj sometimes fields questions from the audience about everything from 7-month-old daughter to whether he’d prefer being stuck on an island with Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsey Graham, or President Donald Trump. (He’d choose the South Carolina senator, “ ’cause he’s a Southern belle.”) In a digital exclusive, Minhaj discussed getting style lessons from Queer Eye’s Tan France. “Where’s the outfit that Tan picked?” demanded an audience member, which Minhaj admitted is a question he gets a lot lately after promising to wear it on the show. His response? “I’m saving that outfit for later in the season.”

Apparently, Minhaj ran into an issue with the outfit while testing it for Patriot Act, because it includes a brown sweater. “It looked like I was MC Hammer, like I was in a bomber jacket, no shirt underneath,” he said. “Some people were like, ‘Are you wearing a nude suit?’ ” The outfit is so good that those concerns really don’t matter, and Minhaj has actually worn it in public already, during an appearance on CBS This Morning.

“I love Tan, by the way, he’s like my spirit animal,” Minhaj added, and said that the style guru, “Queer Eye’d me out of nowhere, I didn’t see it coming.”