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You Are Going to Want to Watch This Horrifying Footage of Stephen Miller in High School That Hasan Minhaj Dug Up

Hasan Minhaj in front of a photo of young Stephen Miller.
The horror. The horror.

Some of the greatest works of art in history intentionally present themselves to their audience under false pretenses: Pale Fire is not a poem by John Shade, a performance of Six Characters in Search of an Author is not a botched rehearsal of The Rules of the Game, and a hot dog is not a sandwich. Similarly, this segment from Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act presents itself as a big-picture overview of immigration enforcement under Trump—it’s not going great!—but it’s really an excuse to snicker at old footage of Stephen Miller, the white supremacist architect of Trump’s most openly white supremacist policies:

Hooooooooly shit, that website for Miller’s “Terrorism Awareness Project.” Normally, separating David Horowitz from his money for something so shoddy would be laudable, but as we all discovered in 2016, Miller’s intended audience isn’t that picky about quality. You can find the archived version of Miller’s site here—it’s terrible, top to bottom—or go directly to Miller’s “O Fortuna” video here. As Minhaj notes, “that tennis incel is now senior advisor to the president,” so there’s only so much value in shaking your head at the Young Stephen Miller Chronicles while muttering “That fuckin’ guy” to yourself. But there’s a vast gulf between “only so much value” and “no value at all,” and these days, we all have to take whatever we can get. That fuckin’ guy.