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American Tricons: Harley, Hendrix, and O’Keeffe

America’s love affair with a motorcycle, plus Georgia O’Keeffe’s Southwestern masterpieces and how Jimi Hendrix summed up the Vietnam War with a single guitar solo.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles lineup, Jimi Hendrix plays Woodstock and Georgia O’Keeffe stands in front of one of her skull paintings.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Gary Cameron/Reuters, MediaPunch Inc./Alamy Stock Photo, and the Library of Congress.

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Three American Icons that embody our nation’s counterculture. First, it’s not the fastest or fanciest bike out there, but “Harley-Davidson” has become synonymous with the “motorcycle” for many Americans. Then, why Georgia O’Keeffe fled the East Coast for New Mexico, where she found her muse in sun-bleached bones that littered the desert. And finally, how Jimi Hendrix captured the sound of bombs falling overseas and screaming protesters, using only a whammy bar and a fuzz pedal.

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