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Stephen Colbert Gives Trump’s Infantile “Policy Time” Schedule the Parody It Deserves

Although Cartoon Network’s tentpole Adventure Time came to an end months ago, Stephen Colbert has a parody that should sate fans who miss the animated series: Policy Time. The Late Show’s spoof was inspired by new reports about the presidential agenda. It seems that on top of the nine hours of fairly unstructured “Executive Time” allotted in Trump’s daily schedule—which he spends tweeting, on the phone, or watching television—there’s also “Policy Time,” meant to help Trump focus on the actual job of being the president.

Here, Colbert imagines that Trump is transported to the Candy Kingdom, accompanied by a canine version of chief of staff John Kelly, who reportedly had the idea for “Policy Time” in the first place. The White House strategy has been in place since earlier this year and, according to an earlier report, consists of advisers giving the president their opinions on various issues to help him redirect his energy and attention into working.

Give Trump’s fondness for TV, their efforts might be better served with the animated Policy Time, which, in a familiar tune, instructs Trump to put down his phone and acknowledges that he’d rather be golfing. But it will take the foreign policy expertise of Mr. Cupcake to explain the importance of NATO.