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Trevor Noah Asks If Trump’s Rhetoric Helped Cause the Mail Bombings

Trevor Noah, on a Miami-themed stage.
Who can say for sure? Comedy Central

Trevor Noah took The Daily Show to Florida, just in time to be there when they arrested suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc. So for his monologue Monday night, he asked if there might be any connection between Donald Trump’s repeated efforts to encourage violence from his followers, his habit of harping on his long list of enemies, and the Florida man who covered his van with pro-Trump stickers and then embarked on a campaign of violence against Trump’s those same enemies. It’s one of the great mysteries:

Noah hasn’t exactly set himself a task worthy of Sherlock Holmes here, but the crux of his case is irrefutable: This tweet the President sent days after the mail bomb went to CNN, reiterating his repeated claim that “the Fake News Media” was “the true Enemy of the People.”

Noah eloquently makes the point that is so obvious no one should have to make it:

If the President of the United States calls someone the “enemy of the people,” don’t be shocked when the people go after that enemy. 

He’s right about everything except the idea that anyone in the administration is shocked. But instead of wallowing in the misery of what’s happened to our country, check out this A Star Is Born-inspired shot of Noah’s temporary set in Miami:

Trevor Noah, shot from behind, casting a long shadow on stage.
Mrs. Norman Maine, presumably. Comedy Central

We’re far from the shallow now! Whoops, accidentally went back to wallowing again.