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Trevor Noah Calls Trump’s Migrant Caravan Panic a “Racist Halloween”

Last night’s Daily Show came from Miami, where host Trevor Noah discussed Trump’s latest strategy to motivate his voters before the midterm elections. It consists, he says, of, “scaring the shit out of his voters, specifically by using brown people.” The President’s move comes just in time for Halloween, “but a racist Halloween, or as Megyn Kelly calls it, Halloween.”

More specifically, what Noah is referring to is Trump’s tactic to use the migrant caravan—where thousands of Central Americans mostly from Honduras are making their way to the United States by foot—to cause hysteria and panic among his voting base. Noah explains that these migrants are, “walking partly as a protest and partly to apply for asylum and a better life,” and adds that, “they’ve got no food, they’ve got no water, there’s nowhere to bathe.” In short, he jokes, “it’s basically like Burning Man except the people aren’t pretending to be poor.”

Trump’s response to the impoverished group of people fleeing violence was to send more than 5,000 troop members to the Mexican border, a number far greater than those who make up the caravan, and almost equal to the U.S. forces fighting ISIS in Iraq. “Really? Trump’s sending the same amount of troops to deal with asylum seekers as he sent to fight ISIS?” asks Noah in disbelief. He also reminds us that, “these people aren’t illegal,” and adds that, “they’re planning to apply for asylum once they get to the U.S. border.”

Noah has a suggestion for Trump on how to deal with the migrants in less ridiculous way: “instead of sending 5,000 troops to the border, why not send 5,000 judges and lawyers to help with the asylum process?” He also believes the reason why the President is sending the military is because, “in his mind, this is an invasion,” and explains that, “when I say in his mind, what I mean is on Fox news.” He wants to know, “what kind of invaders apply to come in AND give the enemy three-months warning?”