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Tim Heidecker Is Raising Money for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society With a Song About a Trump Rally Called “The Ballad of the Incel Man”

Tim Heidecker at the premiere of Ant Man and the Wasp.
Another one!
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Comedian and musician Tim Heidecker has released a new song about Donald Trump supporters to raise money for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. HIAS, founded in the 1880s as a response to Russian pogroms, broadened its mission to help immigrants and refugees regardless of religion, was a particular target of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter. Heidecker is donating the proceeds from sales of “The Ballad of the Incel Man,” available for $1 on Bandcamp to HIAS. Listen below:

The song is a 6/8 country ballad that expands nicely from Heidecker alone on the piano into a full-on pedal-steel-and-harmony finale, but no one’s going to buy this for its production values. The important thing is it’s funny, accurate, and mean, from its killer opening line, “I’m down in the basement making signs out of love.” That comes, of course, from one of the many times Donald Trump implied that his political opposition was funded by a shadowy conspiracy led by George Soros, who, you will probably recall, is Jewish:

“The Ballad of the Incel Man” is essentially a musical adaptation of Adam Sewrer’s insightful essay about Trump supporters bonding over shared cruelties. Heidecker’s narrator doesn’t know what Trump is talking about, but loves that “it makes them liberals shit their pants”; meanwhile, the song lovingly details the way Trump’s fascist roadshow has become a focus of social life for his supporters.

Heidecker has been writing songs about Trump and his supporters since he rose to power, most memorably “Richard Spencer,” a song about punching Richard Spencer in the face; last year, he had enough songs to roll them into an album, the perfectly titled Too Dumb for Suicide. The way things are going, he’ll have a bigger backlist than Deutsche Grammophon before this whole mess hits bottom. So maybe give HIAS a buck or two on the way down.