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Maybe You’d Feel Better If You Watched Tilda Swinton’s Dogs Running Around in This Music Video She Co-Directed?

A dog!
A dog!
Tilda Swinton & Sandro Kopp

There’s no getting around it: Saturday was an extraordinarily horrible day in an extraordinarily horrible week in a year that has already seen way more than its share of extraordinarily horrible weeks and days. The day’s events offered very little in the way of consolations or silver linings: Before the sun had even set on another day of right-wing terror, Lou Dobbs was back to pushing the same conspiracy theories that seem to have motivated the killer. Everyone in the country (at least, everyone who’s not a sociopath) is sick with grief, angry, frightened, and exhausted. It’s a misery.

In unrelated news, actress Tilda Swinton and her partner, artist Sandro Kopp, directed a music video for Anthony Roth Costanzo’s performance of “Rompo i Lacci,” from Handel’s Flavio, starring her dogs running around on a beach in slow motion. It probably won’t make you feel much better. It might not make you feel any better at all. You could watch the entire thing and close the tab and still feel like the American experiment is collapsing all around you. But it also probably won’t make you feel much worse, and at a bare minimum, it’s a five minute and fifty-nine second vacation from the ongoing shitshow:

The video, like Costanzo’s performance of the aria, was made for Glass Handel, an operatic art installation combining dance, music, and multimedia with the music of Philip Glass and George Frederic Handel. The show, put together by Costanzo, producer Cath Brittan, and multimedia company Visionaire, premiered at Opera Philadelphia in September. There’s not really a lot going on in the video besides watching Tilda Swinton’s dogs frolic, sometimes in slow motion, sometimes in reverse, sometimes in a crazy mirror image kaleidoscope shot that makes it look like an extremely symmetrical, extremely happy dog-like creature is jumping toward your face, but what else are you looking for, exactly? None of Tilda Swinton’s dogs seem to be white supremacists or murderers or presidents: they’re just dogs. Maybe you’ll feel better if you watch it. Why not, at this point, right?