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Trevor Noah Is Done With Trump’s Wishful Speaking

In the midst of the emotionally draining last few weeks during which Christine Blasey Ford delivered a heart-wrenching account of sexual assault that even Donald Trump called “compelling” and “credible,” multiple Brett Kavanaugh acquaintances pointed out the apparent lies in the Senate testimony that Kavanaugh howled through tears, and hundreds of protesters marched on the U.S. Capitol, you might have hoped for a #MeToo reckoning within the government, or maybe just an alternative nominee to the highest court in the land. But you’d be forgetting the Trump-era standby: “Nothing matters!”

Or as Trevor Noah put it on The Daily Show on Tuesday night, “Until recently Brett Kavanaugh was just some guy without an inside voice. But over the weekend, after weeks of controversy, soul searching and a national conversation about sexual assault, the Senate said Fork it! and made him the newest justice on the Supreme Court.”

Noah went on to point out that Trump has now changed his tune, mocking Dr. Ford in a grotesque routine at one of his rallies and most recently, apologizing to Kavanaugh, “for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure,” claiming that the new justice was “proven innocent” in reference to a one week long FBI investigation run by Senate Republicans in which several potential witnesses were ignored. “Proven innocent?” asked an incredulous Noah, “OK, that’s obviously that’s not what happened. You can’t just replace what happened with what you wish happened.”

This tenuous relationship with the truth isn’t new for Trump, but what is relatively new is a recent NPR/ PBS Marist poll revealing that the Kavanaugh confirmation battle has made Republicans more charged up for the midterms. There’s no way around how grim all this news is, but as Noah refrained in an Obama voice at the opening of his segment, “Don’t boo, vote!”