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Seth Meyers Reminds Us That Stephen Miller’s Assault on Legal Immigration Continues at the White House

Senior White House official Stephen Miller has been using the Senate Supreme Court hearings as a smokescreen to implement new policies against legal immigration because, as Late Night’s Seth Meyers describes it, “getting off on publicly attacking illegal immigrants wasn’t enough.”

Lately, Miller introduced a proposal that would hinder legal immigrants’ chances of getting permanent residency and citizenship if they use any form of government assistance. Reports suggest that led some immigrants to avoid government help to purchase baby formula or food. As Meyers highlights, Fox News then rolled out former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Thomas Homan to blame the “far-left media” for “misinforming the American people” that the Trump administration is racist. Meyers responds: “The left doesn’t exactly have to do anything to make Trump sound more racist.”

The White House also recently capped refugee entries to the U.S. to a historic low of 30,000, which too bears Miller’s fingerprints. “But that’s why Trump gets along so well with people like Stephen Miller, because they’re both racist and hate poor people, especially the most vulnerable people in the world, like refugees,” Meyers says, in an angry monologue that only goes for cursory laughs. He notes the White House took $260 million from cancer, HIV, and AIDS programs to fund immigrant detention centers across the country.