Employee of the Month

Martha Plimpton and Masha Gessen Talk About Doing It All

Martha Plimpton acts, sings, and knows all about rhino dung, while Masha Gessen writes about everything from Putin to intergenerational trauma.

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Once a muse for Calvin Klein, actor Martha Plimpton had ample training before becoming a role model to destigmatize abortion. Today, Plimpton, who continues to be a prolific actor on and off Broadway, works with A Is For. A breadwinner from a young age, Plimpton talks to Catie Lazarus about how she coped with burnout. Then Lazarus speaks with National Book Award winner and New Yorker columnist Masha Gessen about inviting yourself to the table when an invitation does not emerge. Gessen discusses the cost of intergenerational trauma, Putin’s war on journalists, and how writing became her night job. 

Podcast production by Jessamine Molli.