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Kanye West Claims His “Eyes Are Now Wide Open,” He Is Distancing Himself From Blexit, Politics

The rapper says he is now “completely focusing on being creative.”

Kanye West wears a Make America Great Again red hat, holds his hands up with eyes downcast.
Kanye West.
Pool/Getty Images

Kanye West is rejecting any association with “Blexit,” the conservative movement urging black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. Though the movement’s founder Candace Owens had reportedly claimed in a speech that West helped design the logo used on Blexit apparel and merchandise, she has since backtracked, writing in a statement posted to Twitter that West introduced her to the designer of the X used in the logo but was not personally involved in its design. Now, West is also trying to set the record straight with a series of tweets posted on Tuesday that say he has “nothing to do with” Owens’ movement.

In addition to clarifying some of his political beliefs, West also writes, “My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

So who is the mystery designer that West recommended to Owens? According to West, they didn’t want their name on the project either, and Owens writes that this person has “totally different political beliefs” from her. Fortunately, they won’t need to design any kind of enticing visual for #Yexit, which is already picking up plenty of steam after West’s announcement.