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John Oliver Explains How the Most Tedious-Sounding Race on Your Midterms Ballot Is One of the Most Important

The race for state attorney general probably isn’t the sexiest category on your 2018 midterms ballot—certainly not as glamorous as the races for governor or senator—but that doesn’t mean you should just leave it blank, says John Oliver. The Last Week Tonight host revealed on Sunday that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make viewers care about who is running for attorney general in their state ahead of the election on Nov. 6. This ranged from turning his studio into a bagpipe performance hall to promising his audience a Waiting for Godot–style appearance by Rachael Ray.

Frankly, Oliver didn’t even need to resort to cheap stunts to make the state attorney general races seem important, because his breakdown of how the positions have become increasingly partisan over the years was more than compelling enough. It also helps that there are plenty of kooky characters to choose from, including Dana Nessel, the Michigan AG candidate who released a campaign ad bragging about not having a penis, to Wisconsin’s Brad Schimel, who spent $10,000 on commemorative coins touting his personal motto, “Kicking Ass Every Day.”