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Trump Is Pranking Mike Pence With His Ongoing “Space Force” Obsession, Says Jimmy Kimmel

With everything else going on in the world—pipe bomb scares, attacks on transgender rights, the midterm elections—you might have forgotten about Donald Trump’s Space Force. But you know who hasn’t forgotten about the Space Force? Donald Trump. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on Wednesday, the president’s plans to create a new branch of the U.S. military in space are not going away, and Trump still likes to bring up the topic at rallies and press conferences. “The Space Force is expected to cost many millions of dollars,” said Kimmel. “But don’t worry about that. Trump has a plan to make the Vulcans pay for it.”

Since the idea sounds like the premise of a science fiction novel, Kimmel wondered: What if the whole thing is actually a prank? Mike Pence is the most likely mark, since he’s the one who has been publicly promoting Trump’s vision, telling the National Space Council on Tuesday that the Space Force will “ensure a new era of American supremacy in space.” Even if Trump isn’t actually sitting in his office laughing at his gullible vice president, Kimmel has another theory: “Mike Pence is an alien, and the Space Force is the only chance he has to get back home.”