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Hamilton Is Still Finding New Ways to Jerk Tears, With Help From Sara Bareilles and Questlove

Sorry, Hamilton haters, but Lin-Manuel Miranda still isn’t done yet, and he won’t be for quite some time. This month’s #Hamildrop release is a song that was cut from the musical’s second act, a reprise of “Dear Theodosia.” In the original song, Aaron Burr celebrates the birth of his daughter. In the reprise—sung here by a soulful Sara Bareilles—he breaks the news of her mother’s death to her: “Dear Theodosia, how to say to you/ Sometime last night, your mother breathed your name/ And like a flame that flickers out too soon, she died/ She’s gone.”


Miranda recruited Questlove to play the drums on the track, using the good old-fashioned technique of shameless flattery.

The original “Dear Theodosia” is such a favorite that it was covered not once but twice on the Hamilton Mixtape, by Regina Spektor and Chance the Rapper respectively.