Centuries-Old L.A.-Milwaukee Rivalry Teeters On Precipice as Dodgers Even Series Against Brewers

MILWAUKEE, WI - OCTOBER 13:  Justin Turner #10 of the Los Angeles Dodgers hits a two run home run against Jeremy Jeffress #32 of the Milwaukee Brewers during the eighth inning in Game Two of the National League Championship Series at Miller Park on October 13, 2018 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Justin Turner homers in this battle for eternity.
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The NLCS is about more than just baseball. The best-of-seven series is a microcosm of history’s most bitter rivalry: Los Angeles versus Milwaukee. The Dodgers and Brewers are but two players in this drama, and the outright hatred each city has for the other seeps through every pixel of your television set. The Brewers took a 1-0 NLCS lead on Friday night, but they squandered this advantage on Saturday when they lost to the Dodgers, 4-3. The two sides’ battle for eternity continues apace.

Justin Turner’s two-run, eighth-inning homer put the Dodgers ahead. The third baseman forever etched himself into Los Angeles lore by staying cool in Miller Park, the fiery Wisconsin cauldron that Angelenos fear and hate with equal passion.

Destiny has once again brought these two cities together. Since the earth’s crust cooled to create their cosmic dance floor, Los Angeles and Milwaukee have been entwined in a violent tango with no end in sight. Anyone who thought this would be a quick series foolishly ignored the centuries of drama and strife between these two houses, warring brothers plagued by a seething hate unmatched by anything found in Shakespeare’s Folios.

Historians for both sides have gone mad attempting to keep score, but, just like the NLCS, the Los Angeles-Milwaukee rivalry appears to be evenly balanced. Recall Laverne & Shirley, the classic ABC sitcom about two roommates in Milwaukee who found that, thanks to friendship, all their dreams could come true. In a twist that has echoed through the universe, Laverne, Shirley, and the rest of the gang moved to Burbank, California (near Dodger Stadium) in season six. Was this the beginning? Who knows, though no one could have predicted the bloodshed that would follow. Now, the crimson that rushes through each city’s streets makes it impossible to skip and sing about Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.

Game 3 is in Los Angeles on Monday night. The war never ends.

*Correction, October 14, 2018: This post originally called Laverne & Shirley a CBS sitcom. It aired on ABC.