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The Daily Show on the Georgia Governor’s Race: Romance Novelist vs. Anti-Gesundheit Activist

One of the candidates in Georgia’s gubernatorial race is Brian Kemp, the state’s current Secretary of State and a 55-year-old white man who likes explosions, guns, and chainsaws. If you can’t guess which party he belongs to, well, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah isn’t about to tell you, though Kemp’s ads are almost self-parodic, right down to Kemp’s determination to stop the war against … “God bless you”?

Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. is as confused as I am about Kemp’s apparent agenda against “Gesundheit,” but he does have some insights to share about Kemp’s Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams, including that she received a law degree from Yale, and that she was the first black leader of the Georgia House of Representatives and the first female leader in the history of the Georgia General Assembly. If she wins on Nov. 6, she could also become the first black woman to be elected governor in any state, and she’ll bring with her a platform that includes criminal justice reform, health care, and education.

But Wood is even more interested in another part of Abrams’ resumé: her romance novels, which she writes under the pen name Selena Montgomery and which Wood assured will help her win “a key voting demographic: the horny ass mama.” This group has lots of demands, says Wood, including “bigger wine glasses” and “funding to develop a candle that smells like Mark Ruffalo.” Given that all 82 of Georgia’s governors have been white men, this juicy bonus might not be enough for Abrams to make history. If she does, Wood notes, it’ll probably be because as the state’s population “gets blacker and browner,” it also gets more “like old white people’s feet: […] weirdly bluer and bluer.” And the election will surely reflect that shift—if Kemp doesn’t prevent minorities from voting.