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This New Music Video From the Final Season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is As Silly and Deep As You’d Expect

Crazy-Ex Girlfriend’s brand of realism is to constantly eviscerate its own conclusions. Its third season built upon the show’s exploration of how people’s desires, weaknesses, and general bad decision-making can be traced back to both nurture and nature. The last song of the season, “Nothing Is Ever Anyone’s Fault” exaggerated this concept to its dangerous conclusion, undercutting the ideas that the protagonist, Rebecca Bunch, has developed and espoused throughout her preceding narrative arc.

Based on the music video that was just released ahead of Season 4, which premieres Friday, the show’s final chapter looks to maintain this type of comedy, fueled by philosophical scrutiny and musical satire, filmed in highly saturated colors. (As with last season, Slate will be weighing in on each episode’s songs the Monday after their premiere.) In “No One Else is Singing My Song,” Rebecca sings about being utterly and uniquely alone … with a full chorus of characters who feel the exact same way. So get ready for more of the winding, self-devouring, David Foster Wallace–y logic that hounds Rebecca and has always provided a cringey, sharp, and hilarious tonal center for the show.

Leave it to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the series that devoted an entire song to the feeling of being best friends with someone who doesn’t consider you their best friend, to pinpoint how ridiculous and solipsistic ruminating on loneliness can be.