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B-Listers Bring Boss Baby Beyond Baldwin and Buscemi With a Brand-New Season of Boss Baby 2: Back in Business

The Boss Baby, flying through the air doing a karate kick.
The Boss Baby!

The Boss Baby is back, but Alec Baldwin and Steve Buscemi were both too busy (and too big-ticket) to be on Netflix’s boob-tube-based Boss-Baby-branded byproduct of the box office blockbuster from 2017, so bit-players built a bricolage Boss Baby by biting the best bits from bygone Boss Babies. Bravo, Baldwin and Buscemi, because the brand-new season of The Boss Baby 2: Back in Business looks breathtakingly bad. Behold:

The blundering bankers and broke-brained bean-counters who bid the Boss Baby brand to beget this beastly brood of bargain-basement Boss Babies belong in the Bastille!