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Avatar Franchise Releases New, Papyrus-Free Logo

Sure, James Cameron’s Avatar won three Academy Awards and became the highest grossing movie in cinema history. But the film’s true legacy is about two things: ponytail sex and the Papyrus logo. It appears that at least one of these infamous elements will be absent from the franchise’s forthcoming sequel. On Monday Cameron’s Lightstorm production company and Fox released brand new, Papyrus-free graphics.

If you don’t remember the titles and posters from 2009, just watch this SNL skit in which Ryan Gosling, the surrogate for a nation confused by an international blockbuster’s juvenile logo choice, squeaks with rage. “Was it laziness? Was it cruelty?” asks Gosling’s character before his obsession drives him to crash his car into a fire hydrant. Maybe now he can finally find peace.

In a nondescript move, the franchise shifted the logo across Avatar social media. With no announcement mentioning the news, the only hint that the new font might have to do with the comedy show’s mockery is this month old tweet commemorating the Avatar team’s “favorite SNL skit”:

James Cameron has long planned to extend the franchise through four more films, but after several delays, Avatar 2 isn’t slated to come out until December 2020. Now that Papyrus is gone, hopefully these forthcoming films will also shelve the white savior trope that the original Avatar centered around.