Studio 360

Mind the Generation Gap

Millennials and boomers do battle in Boomer1, learning to love Lawrence Welk, and Argentine experimental musician Juana Molina performs live.

Two young people skateboarding over the heads of older people wearing suits.
Can’t we all just get along?

Ikon Images/Alamy Stock Photo

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Kurt Andersen talks to the author Daniel Torday about his new book Boomer1, a dark satire about the tension between millennials and baby boomers coming to a head. Then, a segment about something boomers couldn’t stand about the generation that preceded them—its love for Lawrence Welk’s unapologetically wholesome variety show. For our Guilty Pleasures feature, listener Paul Fotsch explains how he couldn’t stand Lawrence Welk as a kid but grew to love the show. And finally, Argentine experimental musician Juana Molina performs songs from her album Halo.

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