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A Star Is Born Is Catching Up to Venom at the Domestic Box Office

Lady Gaga smirks.
Just wanted to take another look at those numbers.

Maybe it’s the fan theories about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s chemistry, maybe it’s the chart-topping soundtrack, or maybe it’s just that it’s a very good movie, but somehow, A Star Is Born made more than $100 million at the box office in just twelve days.

That means it’s not too far behind the goofy, gooey Marvel blockbuster Venom, which has also been a commercial success, bringing in $150 million so far domestically. But while A Star Is Born hasn’t earned as much in the U.S. yet, the movie will likely have more staying power: Venom made $80 million, more than half its total so far, from its opening weekend, whereas A Star Is Born has been gaining steam. The same may wind up being true overseas; for example, at the U.K. box office, Venom sales dropped by 47 percent during the films’ second weekend, whereas A Star Is Born’s numbers held more steady. (Of course, it still had a much smaller foreign release than Venom, which has brought in $236 million overseas.)

What’s more, Deadline notes that past October hits like Gravity, The Martian, and Gone Girl had comparable numbers to A Star Is Born during their first two weekends and subsequently more than doubled these ticket sales during their final stateside earnings, suggesting that A Star Is Born will draw more people to the theaters in the weeks ahead. We’ll leave it to you to decide which movie has the best memes.