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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Delve Into Jean Grey’s Backstory

On Wednesday night, the first trailer for the next installment of the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix, premiered during The Late Late Show With James Corden. In the trailer, Sophie Turner reprises her role from X-Men: Apocalypse as Jean Grey, who in previous movies has been played by Famke Janssen and Haley Ramm. Wolverine actually killed Grey in The Last Stand, but her fate was rewritten in Days of Future Past thanks to some time-travel antics.

That timeline is a little dizzying to track for non-superfans, but what’s clear is that Dark Phoenix will delve into Grey’s backstory, giving us a chance to understand why she later turns on the other mutants. Professor X, played by James McAvoy, defends his decision to conceal the truth about Grey’s past from her in the trailer. He tells Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, that he had to protect Grey, to which she responds, “From the truth? There’s another word for that.”

As Grey grows, she becomes aware of her own power and morphs into Dark Phoenix, seeking revenge even as Professor X apologizes for his mistakes. “You’re always sorry, Charles, and there’s always a speech, and nobody cares,” says Magneto, played again by Michael Fassbender. Jessica Chastain also stars as Lilandra, and Nicholas Hoult returns as Beast, in Dark Phoenix, which hits theaters Feb. 14.