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Trump Called the State of California “One Really Large Person” and Trevor Noah Is Losing It

With just eight weeks until the midterm elections, Barack Obama has offered a rare, public criticism of Donald Trump, leading to a showdown that Trevor Noah has dubbed “The Leader vs. The Tweeter.” The Daily Show host compared the two presidents on Monday night by showing snippets of their speeches from the campaign trail. In one corner, you have Obama, wondering why it’s so hard to say “Nazis are bad.” In the other, you have Trump, suggesting that California has (or will) become “one really large person.” Wait, what?

Trump made the comment while asking a crowd of supporters what would happen if “the entire world” decides to go to California for free health care and education. “California has just increased in size to 500 million people,” he said, presumably speaking hypothetically, given that California’s population is less than a tenth of that size, although it’s hard to tell with Trump. “California has just become one really large person.”

“I’ve heard a lot of criticisms about Obamacare,” Noah responded. “But I can safely say that I’ve never heard that it’s going to morph a state into a very giant person.” When Trump followed up with a comment about how Obama’s speech made him fall asleep, Noah was, surprisingly, in agreement. “Obama is great for sleeping, because when he was president, we all slept so good,” he said. “But now that Trump’s in charge, we all lie in bed awake every night trying to figure out how the fuck California turned into a giant man.”