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There’s a Disco Version of the Trogdor Song Now and We Thought You’d Like to Know About It

Trogdor burninating some cottages.
Was Trogdor even around when the seventies?
Homestar Runner

Trogdor, the dragon who occasionally shows up in Homestar Runner cartoons, has a complicated musical legacy. On the one hand, songs about dragons burninating the countryside and the thatched roof cottages found there are universally appealing. On the other hand, some people like disco more than they like metal, which put them in a difficult situation, Trogdor-wise. But that’s no longer a problem, thanks to this new video for The Pow-Uh Surge’s long-forgotten disco hit, “Trogdoor was a Man”:

The song supposedly comes from a 1970s commercial for a Trogdor board game, which is a thing that will actually exist, thanks to a Kickstarter that raised more than $1 million. Here’s an ad for the game from the 2010s with no disco soundtrack:

And for those of you who are somehow not familiar with Trogdor, here’s where it all began: the 58th entry in Stong Bad’s email series, which was 15 years old this January: