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Right-Wingers Are Setting Their Nikes on Fire Over Colin Kaepernick, and Trevor Noah Couldn’t Be More Delighted

Trevor Noah, smiling, with a photo of a burning pair of Nikes behind him.
First they laugh at you, then they laugh at you, then they keep laughing at you. Everybody’s just laughing at you!
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It’s a sad commentary on our depraved age that most days, the best news we can hope for is bad news for the people who got us all into this mess. Good news: By those standards, today was a good day! On Monday, Nike announced that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kapaernick would be the face of their new ad campaign:

Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games in 2016 to protest police violence against black people, immediately became a lightning rod for controversy among people who support police violence against black people, as well as people who nominally oppose police violence against black people, but don’t like being reminded that it happens. Some of those people felt so strongly about Nike hiring Kaepernick that they burned or otherwise defaced shoes, socks, and athletic wear they had already bought and paid for. One patriot complained that he had been forced “to choose between my favorite shoes and my country,” and responded by setting both his favorite shoes and a small, grass-covered patch of his country on fire:

Needless to say, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show was delighted. In a segment focusing on recent boycotts—the New Yorker’s Steve Bannon fiasco and the bizarre campaign against First Man both make appearances as well—he takes the time to really appreciate the spectacle of people who are so mad at the suggestion that police officers sometimes mistreat and/or murder black people that they are setting their own clothes on fire. Given how horribly everything else seems to be going, we could all probably benefit from following his example and enjoying a few deep belly laughs at the expense of these pyromaniac boneheads:

You gotta laugh, you know?