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Trevor Noah Is Neither Impressed Nor Comforted by That Anonymous “Resistance” Op-Ed

On Wednesday, the New York Times published a rare anonymous op-ed detailing how White House officials are secretly thwarting Trump’s “worst inclinations” from within. Trevor Noah, however, is not impressed. On The Daily Show, Noah was less shocked about the existence of an insider resistance than the fact that what we’ve been getting these past couple of years is apparently a “watered-down version of Trump.” He compared the idea that our reality could be that much worse to “finding out 2 Girls 1 Cup was the PG version of the clip.”

As if we hadn’t already guessed, things are so bad within the White House that at one point the secret resistance considered using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from the Presidency—but didn’t. Noah points out the absurdity of acknowledging the dangers of Trump and deciding not to act with a metaphor: “It’s like there’s a sign that says ‘in case of emergency break glass’ but then these guys are like, I mean, we could break the glass, but then there’d be glass everywhere.”