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Nigel Slater’s Genius Raspberry Ripple Toast Is Your Last-Second Summer Hero

Cream swirled with raspberry piled on top of toast on a plate
James Ransom

As I was gathering up recipes for Genius Desserts and asking all of you for your most treasured, surest things, too, I started noticing some patterns, and really latching onto them.

These are the Wonder Doughs that you can spin off into a million different desserts, give or take. Those are the Magic Potions that you can sprinkle into any cookie or cake for a deeper flavor and extra sparkle. Those guys over there are two very compelling dairy-free chocolate sauces—and that’s no accident.

Probably because I already love excuses to eat toast (I’m guessing most of you do, too)—for breakfast, dinner, and every snack in between—I got very excited every time I stumbled on a recipe that gave me eye-opening new ways and new permissions to eat it for dessert. And so, in the book there are at least seven ways to turn a loaf of bread into dessert, even a stale, forgotten nub of one.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, when you’re just making toast for dessert, is that instead of waiting for dough to chill or cake to bake, you can make yourself or your loved ones a pick-me-up pretty much the moment a boost is called for.

But what I also discovered, when I made an ill-planned commitment to bring dessert to a dinner party, is that this mini recipe from Nigel Slater is a real star in that arena, too. You can prepare nothing ahead, pick up a loaf of bread, a pint of cream, and a pint of raspberries on the way to the shindig, and involve your friends in a little light cream-whipping and raspberry-smashing.

If your friends are like my friends, they won’t judge your lack of a fancy tart or layer cake and, instead, they’ll be even more excited to play along—their enthusiasm measured in big, messy, happy bites of cold cream and tart raspberry swirls seeping into hot, crisp toast.

Nigel Slater’s Raspberry Ripple Sandwich

Serves you, or the people you love

• Fresh raspberries and any other berries you like
• Heavy cream
• Superfine or confectioners’ sugar
• Pure vanilla extract
• Brioche, challah, or white sandwich bread

See the full recipe on Food52.

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