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Stephen Colbert Returns, With Beard, to Discuss Bob Woodward’s Trump Exposé Fear

Stephen Colbert returns to The Late Show with a beard that’s apparently white from dealing with Trump these past two years as well as having to keep up with the outpour of accounts getting published about the current administration, such as The Unhinged, Fire and Fury and, he jokes, Crazy Rich Caucasians. On the segment, he reacts to Bob Woodward’s upcoming White House exposé Fear —also known as “the emotion Trump feels whenever he sees a book”— which will be out Sept. 11.


Colbert points out some of the highlights we can look forward to, including insider accounts that reveal nobody in the White House likes Trump —something we could’ve guessed— and that not even Chief of Staff John Kelly knows what he’s doing there. According to Woodward, Kelly actually called Trump an “idiot” and referred to the White House as “Crazytown.” Also, it seems like the President thinks military generals take too long strategizing instead of just killing people, which he finds frustrating.

We can expect many more explosive accounts from the likes of John Dowd, Trump’s former lawyer, who attempted to convince Mueller that the President shouldn’t testify because he’s “incapable of telling the truth.” There are also some details that are likely to make us laugh so as not to cry, like Trump dubbing himself “the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.” Perhaps, from the look of it, this book will actually frighten the President.