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The Honest Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story Makes You Relive Its Most Cringe-Worthy Scene

The doctor is in, and he has diagnosed Solo: A Star Wars Story with a severe case of prequel-itis. The doctor, in this case, is the team over at Screen Junkies, where a new Honest Trailer pokes fun at the movie’s low lighting and equally low stakes. (“Oh yeah, that did come out this year, didn’t it?” muses the trailer’s narrator.) Most critically, the Honest Trailer deems the movie “a feature-length adaptation of Han Solo’s Wookieepedia page” thanks to its many unnecessary origin story details.

Those details include how Han Solo acquired his gun, how he acquired his ship, the reason his ship is shaped the way it is, the origin of his catchphrase, and the significance of his golden dice. In fact, there are so many callbacks and winks in the movie that the trailer doesn’t even get to Lando Calrissian first mispronouncing Han’s name or Han giving Chewbacca the moniker “Chewie.”

One detail the trailer most certainly does include is arguably the silliest scene in all of Solo, in which we learn exactly when and how Han Solo got the name … Han Solo. When you consider that Han then passed that name onto his son and named him after “Luke’s hermit friend who he knew for like, a day,” it really does explain why Ben Solo changed his name to Kylo Ren.