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This week, the critics talk about the new season of Serial, which takes on the broader criminal justice system through weekly dispatches from Cleveland’s Justice Center. They debate whether the new structure is Serial’s most ambitious move yet—or a step back for the iconic podcast. Then, they grapple with the recent spate of “redemption essays” by men accused of sexual assault in venues like Harper’s and the New York Review of Book. Is there any responsible way to publish such pieces? Was NYRB editor Ian Buruma’s resignation justified? Finally, the gabbers debate the high-concept Amazon series Forever in full, spoiler-y detail.


Links to some of the things we discussed this week:


Gabe: NBC’s The Good Place and The Good Place: The Podcast

Julia: Visiting Federal Hall in New York City to see the George Washington Inaugural Bible

Dana: “Some Interpersonal Verbs, Conjugated by Gender” by Alexandra Petri in the Washington Post

Outro: “Mitsuwa” by SINY

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