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Here Are All the Terrible Things That Have Happened to Post Malone Lately

Post Malone at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.
Post Malone at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Rapper Post Malone just can’t seem to get a break. Just three days after surviving a car accident, where his car went through a fence after crashing into another vehicle, TMZ reported the rapper was the target of a home invasion, even though the robbers invaded the wrong home. As if this wasn’t bad enough, these two instances of bad luck happened less than a month after the tires of a private jet he was on exploded as it was taking off.

Here’s the breakdown of all the terrible things that have happened to Post Malone in the past month:

• On August 21, as Malone’s plane was taking off from New Jersey on its way to London, two of the tires exploded. Given the importance of tires when it comes to landing, the pilot kept the plane flying for hours before attempting to land safely. Apart from the plane itself, there were no injuries.

• At around 3:30 am on September 7, a Kia crashed into Malone’s white Rolls Royce in Los Angeles though, luckily, nobody was seriously injured. At this point, the rapper started wondering if perhaps God has it in for him. The good news, he now has a superior Rolls.

• According to the report, on September 1, three armed robbers forced their way into Post Malone’s former house in the San Fernando Valley, all while yelling, “Where’s Post Malone?” The burglars reportedly stole an estimate of $20,000 worth of jewelry, cash, etc. The rapper has not yet not reacted to the news.