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Outlander Returns With Sexed-Up History, This Time in Colonial America

Droughtlander” is officially over with Starz’s release of the new trailer for the long-awaited fourth season of Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s corresponding book Drums of Autumn. But this time, Jamie and Claire take on colonial America, and the trailer already works to assure us the new season won’t (only) sex up the horrors of the era. “A dream for some can be a nightmare for others,” a character intones over a Native American man, and Claire covers her bases by letting a smirking redcoat know that slavery is bad.

As the last line of the trailer proclaims, “sometimes life takes unexpected turns,” but Season 4 doesn’t seem to be one of those times: It looks to feature plenty of the steamy romance, explosions, and time-traveling drama that secured a cult audience in the first three seasons. What is new this season is the addition of Maria Doyle Kennedy, the famous Irish folk musician and actress from Downton Abbey and Orphan Black who will play Jamie’s aunt, Jocasta.

The new season will premiere Nov. 4, so get ready for a whole new world of torch-bearing mobs, maniacal pirates, trees shot through lens flares, and Manifest Destiny.